Robert Hidey, AIA

Robert Hidey established Robert Hidey Architects Inc. RHA in 1990 after 20 years of experience in the architectural profession. Today, RHA has two offices, the main one in Irvine, California, and a regional one in San Ramon, California. RHA maintains a staff of approximately 50, including licensed architects and experienced designers, as well as members of the AIA, CSI, CGBP and LEED professionals.

Robert believes in a strong diversification of work to stimulate staff members and to keep staff up to date on housing trends. The firm has extensive experience, related to low, medium and high density residential development in the form of numerous housing types such as single-family, cluster, multi-family, mid-rise, and high-rise residential projects. RHA offers a wide variety of community planning and design services from land planning, to planning team collaboration, to prototyping of housing and the design of community buildings.

In the last ten years, RHA’s philosophy has been applied to projects worldwide. We are presently working on projects in China and the Middle East which is responsible for an excess of 20% of our present workload. RHA’s success is based on the quality of their design and assurance that the firm is providing relevant design solutions that meet the needs of a constantly changing market and clientele. Robert Hidey believes that the success of his firm is based on the principle that repeat client work is imperative. That principle has led to a long list of loyal clients; some of which have been working with the firm since its inception. 

The firm is responsible for an excess of four hundred industry related awards and is considered by the homebuilding industry as a leader who is able to deliver housing solutions which are innovative, responsible to the environment all while meeting the needs of the market they are targeted for. RHA has been published extensively for their approach to design in trade magazines the US and in Asia.

Luis Enciso
Principal / Director of Multi-Family

Luis Enciso has found the ideal environment at RHA to collaborate on a diverse portfolio of work that RHA offers. He assists clients to accomplish their business goals and achieve their best in design. Luis has formed significant relationships with developers, consultants and builders throughout his many years of professional work in Orange County. 

Following his father's footsteps as an architect, Luis was involved into the industry at a young age. Pursuing his passion for art and creativity, as well as the drive to never stop learning, he began working in the field while attaining his master's degree in Architecture & Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Architecture in Mexico City. Here Luis strengthened his sense of vision and radical creativity, believing that the magic of small details makes for remarkable architecture.  This inspired him to explore nature and travel to different cultures around the world to connect with the spirit of past architects.

With more than 30 years of experience in architecture - 15 years of which he specialized in multifamily residential and mixed-use projects - Luis has participated in several award-winning projects in Southern California. Throughout his professional career, he has tirelessly pursued excellence and quality in his work. He never ceased to be amazed by the power of architecture to create the effect of positive change. To change a place, a space and their ambiance. To change us the way we are.

Daniel Waibel
Principal/ Director of Single Family

Dan is an accomplished Sr. Manager and NCARB certified Architect with 30 years’ experience in managing the design and construction of single-family residential projects located throughout the US, incorporating a wide variety of design styles and construction materials.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Dan started his career in Mammoth Lakes and Laguna Beach drawing unique custom homes located in the picturesque mountains and for the many exclusive communities along Orange County’s coast.  “I’ve had the privilege to work alongside some of the most talented and detailed Architects in the profession and understanding that unique responsibility and passion that comes with designing a personal home for someone.”

Dan has also worked for both large homebuilders such as KB Home and M/I Homes, and smaller ones, managing architectural teams that designed and developed product for a wide variety of markets at varying price points.  With extensive experience in both the field and office operations, he excels at problem solving and operational efficiencies.  “Having spent close to half of my career on the homebuilding side has proven invaluable as I can appreciate the need to balance great design with company objectives and construction realities.  With ever increasing land and material prices, development restrictions, and complex building code or department mandates, it’s always a challenge for a homebuilder to deliver an attractive, cost effective product - on time and at a price that the market will accept.”

“It’s great to be in Orange County, the origin for innovative design and creative solutions, and partnering with RHA on award winning projects.  No one delivers a better product than RHA as great design does sell - builders and developers are embracing this as the public expects it.”

Dan is a licensed Architect in California and Florida and is NCARB certified.

Jon Krueger, AIA

A wealth of experience in large scale projects and resort hotels has given rise to Jon’s passion for creating spaces that are inspiring and timeless in quality. He brings over 30 years of experience to Robert Hidey Architects and is the Studio Director for Special Projects, focusing on larger projects: hospitality, commercial, mixed-use and community development.

“I believe a vital element of design is emerging to create indoor and outdoor spaces that are part of a larger experience, especially for multifamily living with the embellishment of common areas to be more like a resort hotel,” said Jon. “I continually strive to create a total living environment that enhances the surrounding area and enriches the lives of its inhabitants.”

Jon’s experience ranges from high-rise interiors including penthouse suites to large-scale master plans for hotel and residential developments including Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast, an Irvine Company five-star resort; Beverly West in Los Angeles and Burj Kalifa in Dubai, UAE. Previous hotel design expertise while working at WATG includes the Las Vegas Sand’s Venetian Hotel, and projects for Renaissance, Sheraton and Samsung.

One of Jon’s strengths is his proficiency with new technologies, earning his Architecture degree from the University of Southern California. “As I look into the future, I am excited about the prospect of continuing the integration of technology and data into all building systems,” he said. “I enjoy the challenge of teaching and monitoring our staff to not only design with enhancing details, but to see the fruition of the design through construction.” Jon is a member of the American Institute of Architects, licensed in California, is Revit Certified and is a LEED Green Associate.

Colin Liu

To fufill his desire to learn from architecture first hand, Colin has traveled extensively throughout the world and amassed a photo collection that often inspires his elegant designs. Bringing over 26 years of experience to the firm, his expertise in community architecture and product prototyping is invaluable.

“I envision the world of architecture evolving toward Tesla-like smart homes that are fully automated and energy efficient emphasizing an indoor-outdoor relationship with natural light and ventilation. It is important that design reflects a positive role in protecting the environment with elements such as renewable energy resources, solar power and drought tolerant landscaping.”

Colin’s experience ranges from high density housing to large-scale master plans developments. His responsibilities include overseeing design and production for all overseas projects, including working in China, India and Syria. He has designed the villages of Esencia for Rancho Mission Viejo and Arden West Palm Beach, as well as many projects in China including Rose Gardens, HangZhou, China; Clearwater Bay, Sanya, China; West Lake Mei Lu, HangZhou, China, and many more.

"Experience and ideas gained from different cultures, clients and team members all allow me to continually learn from every type of project,” said Colin. Colin earned his Architectural degree from the University of Southern California.

Kurtiss Kusumoto
Senior Director

Kurtiss brings three decades of experience, with over twenty years specializing in mixed use multifamily projects. He provides guidance in project code and accessibility compliance.

“Working in design, documentation, and construction with a wide range of project types and personalities provides me with an understanding of project needs and goals and has instilled me with a strong commitment to our clients.

Architecture impacts our daily lives and surroundings. We must create environments that are functional, emotional and inspiring from the first stage of planning through the life of a built project.”

Kurtiss is a member of the American Institute of Architects and is a licensed in California.

Erin Hidey-Nelson
Senior Project Director

Erin supports the team at Robert Hidey Associates from concept through construction. “Trends toward multi-generational design are holding strong in the industry,” said Erin. “We are currently designing optional living suites, “lock-offs” and extra bedrooms. For young homebuyers, the trend is toward loft-style living and higher density developments with walkability and a variety of amenities.”

“I think the future of architecture will always respond to the cultural and global issues we are facing,” said Erin. “Our designs will continue to utilize new technologies in green efficiency and work with “smart” systems to integrate the architecture with indoor environmental controls, security and entertainment.”

Raised in Orange County, Erin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Garrett Hoskins, AIA
Senior Project Director

Garrett Hoskins grew up in our industry, going to job sites with his father when he was a young boy.  His passion for architecture stared early and he has worked in the Industry for almost twenty years.  At RHA, he contributes his deep understanding of every aspect of the development lifecycle in design, construction, market analysis and project management.

At Garrett Hoskins Designs, he built a solid history of entrepreneurial work, taking total control of the project from design through completion. “Good design is what owners want, and a designer who can also guarantee the cost, quality and schedule can dominate the market,” said Garrett. “By taking the Lead  Architect position on every job, I maintained close relationships with my clients.”  Garrett’s work earned such distinguished awards as the Gold Nugget, and MAME.

Garrett is vision-setting and strategic in identifying and honing a successful approach to various market segments. Specializing in understanding specific site conditions and challenges enables him to successfully design various product types, refining design through construction and marketing. He contends, “We are not designing homes, we are designing lifestyles.”


Ashley Hidey- Javadi
Director of Administration

Ashley is an invaluable member of the team at Robert Hidey Architects.  She is a versatile professional, proficient at multitasking with superb organizational and negotiating skills.   Responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring administrative systems, duties include updating procedures to enhance service quality.

“I enjoy the challenges of each project and developing the most effective solution, and always strive to increase productivity with open and constant communication,” said Ashley.  “One of the biggest challenges is meeting the client’s needs and providing excellent design quality while staying on budget.  I monitor costs closely and work with the team to analyze all variances.”

Also responsible for stewarding the RHA brand as the company grows, Ashley spearheads the marketing and public relations efforts for the firm.  She puts a high value on making sure RHA is at the front and center of all award programs, working closely with her graphics team to ensure a high level of visibility.      

“It’s exciting to be a part of the ever-evolving world of architecture and designing for current lifestyles,” she continued.  “We are creating floor plans that seamlessly connect the interior to the exterior and outdoor space.   I think that floor plans will become more flexible and have additional alternatives and options where every home will meet the needs of a specific home buyer.”

Ashley earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of San Francisco in Business Administration.  She was raised and currently resides in Orange County.