Our Culture

At RHA we thrive on the collaborative spirit which inspires our team, our clients, and our consultants to always exceed expectations.  Our ability to actively listen and respond to clients’ needs are instrumental in fostering our long-standing relationships, together with a commitment to design excellence.  Our technical approach and sustainable strategies allows our design team to fully leverage technologies and develop real, viable building solutions that achieve maximum performance and benefit.

    Asking the right question is one the main a guiding principles in our design process.  The questions asked are often more important than the answers generated. This is especially true in the design and architectural process, where there are so many moving parts and factors to consider. The RHA Team is a collaborative structure that brings together the right mix of people to optimize this process. Projects benefit from efficient decision-making, consideration of various building disciplines and consistent focus on overall design objectives.

We establish our team by recognizing the strengths of each member and utilizing their strengths to benefit all members. By encouraging the contributions of all team members through each phase of a project, design resources are maximized, a greater variety of ideas are considered, and design philosophies are reinforced, to the benefit of the project, the associate (team member), and the firm.

It is important to note that the client is truly a part of each team, bringing in a valued and highly relevant perspective to the collaborative process, and helping to keep key objectives in focus.