Mark Amiot

Senior Project Director

Mark has known where his passions would take him since competing nationally in architectural drafting in high school.  He started working for the Dahlin Group right out of college, working his way through the ranks over an 11 year span to become Project Manager and also CAD manager training all income employees on DataCAD.  “My passion lies in the design development phase of residential housing because I get to adjust the plans with the idea of optimizing livability while considering constructability at the same time,” Mark stated.  “Finding a balance between the two is one of the things I enjoy most.”


Being involved in multiple Gold Nugget and MAME award winning projects over the years, Mark has designed for small family run businesses to large national firms in the Seattle area and throughout California.  “I look forward to seeing how high technology will improve the comfort and conveniences in houses,” said Mark.  “As land prices continue to rise, there has been a trend to go to three story plans with tuck under garages which is now becoming a standard that buyers expect.  I think the vertically stacked garage concept is an opportunity to make room for more living space.”


Mark is all about designing residential production housing with families in mind and creating innovative and quality living spaces.  He earned a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from North Dakota State University.  His passion for house design lead him to California where he resides with his wife and two children.


“Owning your own home is a still very much a part of the American Dream,” noted Mark.  “As housing costs continue to increase, I consider architectural design a challenge and a privilege, marrying cost efficiency with innovative concepts to help make a difference in how people live.”