Everett Benke

Senior Project Director

“As a team leader I am constantly challenged in a very good way to ensure our high level of design is maintained while adhering to our clients’ priority of providing cost effective solutions,” said Everett. Responsible for overseeing all projects, Everett is a proponent of higher project standards and quality control. He works closely with all clients, staff and consultants on scheduling and budgets for both single and multifamily housing projects from entry level to multi-million dollar custom homes.

Everett has considerable experience as a director and project manager for many notable architects and award winning projects including KB Home, Florida Architecture; Scheurer Architects; and William Hezmalhalch Architects. Previous experience also includes project management for numerous builders: Brookfield Homes, Centex Homes, Pulte Homes, Warmington Homes, John Laing Homes, Baywood Development, Florsheim Homes, and Surland Companies.

When asked about emerging trends, Everett said “I think we will continue to see contemporary and modern exterior designs in urban areas, although and the appearance of contemporary interiors with traditional exteriors. It has also been fun to witness the use of more flamboyant colors and materials within urban areas.”

“Multi-generational housing seems to be a growing trend,” Everett continued. “I see the average single family home trending smaller, with solar and green technologies. Water saving requirements will become more of a priority.”