Brian McClusky

Principal/ Director of Quality Control

Leading the team to deliver complete and accurate designs that surpass client expectations, Brian joined Robert Hidey Architects in early 2008. He has been a part of well-respected and award-winning architectural firms nationally and locally in Orange County over the past 28 years. Brian is known for his technical expertise and ability to meet deadlines, communicate with clients and team members, and efficiently drive projects to completion.

“I believe that open lines of communication and superb customer service are the key to ensuring that projects are successful,” said Brian. “Continued collaboration with our client throughout design and construction ultimately provides the end customer with the best possible outcome.”

“Being a member of the Neighborhood Architectural Review Board has been helpful in directing the staff on building code related issues, as well as establishing quality controls,” Brian continued. “The area that gives me the most enjoyment is researching new products and construction methods to constantly improve the quality of our buildings.”

Excited about today’s architectural trends, Brian stated “Our office has seen the shift to open plans that promote central gathering and entertainment spaces, as well as incorporating myriad floor plan options that allow the buyer to personalize their new home. We are designing homes with various outdoor room configurations, wok kitchens, wine rooms and super laundry rooms. Construction materials and practices have improved to the point where we’re only limited, in a design sense, by our own creativity.”

Brian earned his degree from Golden West College. He is a member of the AIA, is Revit Certified and is in the process of getting licensed by the AIA.