Our Company

Robert Hidey Architects has built an exceptional reputation over the past 25 years with a legacy of creating distinct and viable communities that enrich lives.  Our diverse national and international portfolio has impacted residential industries worldwide, distinguishing our developer clients from their competition.

Robert Hidey’s passion for residential architecture and land planning began while growing up surrounded by the artistry and beauty of the pastoral Frederick L. Olmsted, Jr.-planned seaside community of Palos Verdes Estates.

In 1991, Robert Hidey fulfilled a dream of bringing these traditional architectural elements to a broader audience when he established Robert Hidey Architects, Inc. (RHA). Since then, RHA has pioneered housing trends and enriched the residential surroundings of numerous communities across the western United States and the world. RHA’s highly successful architectural design and meticulous attention to detail manifest a distinctive blend of art, history, creativity, and technology.

Exterior designs inspired by a rich architectural pedigree of centuries past, couple with inventive and functional floor plans that respond to the needs of an increasingly savvy homeowner of the present to help RHA consistently produce housing and community designs that will bring lasting satisfaction to their beneficiaries for many generations. By bringing a traditional, time-honored architectural aesthetic to a broader, more sophisticated housing market, RHA has pioneered some of the most original and creative floor plan designs and land planning of the last 20 years. 

Today, RHA has approximately 50 employees in its headquarters in Irvine, California. RHA maintains a talented staff of licensed architects and experienced designers, including AIA, CSI,CGBP, and LEED professionals. Strong diversification in single-family, multi-family, attached and detached housing, mixed use, mid-rise, interior architecture and high-rise residential design has established RHA’s illustrious design traditions in housing markets throughout North America and Asia.

RHA is fastidious about the research and development of every project. From validating the vernacular of a certain region, to designing for a particular lifestyle, each design solution merits a distinct approach. Designs are reviewed continually, from the conceptual stages through the construction documents. Enhancements to all phases are typically part of the procedure. Our team consistently “rises to the occasion” and provides new and fresh design solutions that apply to today’s lifestyle.

The Culture

The atmosphere of RHA fosters a collaborative effort which inspires the team, its clients, and consultants to reach a level of architecture and design that exceeds expectations.  Our ability to actively listen and respond to clients’ needs is instrumental in fostering our long-standing relationships, together with a commitment to design excellence.  Our technical approach and sustainable strategies allows our design team to fully leverage technologies and develop real and viable building solutions that achieve maximum performance and benefit.

The opposing disciplines of art and science are aligned in one of the guiding principles of the RHA teams: the questions asked are often more important than the answers generated. This is especially true in the process of architecture, where perspective determines outcome. An RHA Team is a collaborative structure that brings together the right mix of people to optimize this process. Projects benefit from efficient decision-making, consideration of various building disciplines, and consistent focus on overall design objectives.

We establish our teams by recognizing the strengths of each member and utilizing their strengths to benefit all members. By encouraging the contributions of all team members through each phase of a project, design resources are maximized, a greater variety of ideas are considered, and design philosophies are reinforced, to the benefit of the project, the associate (team member), and the firm.

It's important to note that the client is truly a part of each team, bringing a valued and highly relevant perspective to the collaborative process, and helping to keep key objectives in focus. 




Sustainable strategies and practices provide value in the marketplace and help us to sustain quality of life and environment. Our process and approach to sustainability incorporates a site’s natural surroundings and climatic conditions to provide a basis for how we implement passive sustainable strategies, as well as, active systems and technologies to achieve maximum performance and benefits.